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Uplift Digital was created with the idea in mind to help those who had potential that they couldn’t see. Many creators have this vision that they work towards. Often times these creators lack the proper guidance to achieve these dreams in a timely manner. We utilize our resources to expedite this process to allow you to live this dream sooner!

Originally we had the idea to link brands and influencers together to aid both parties in growth. Building these mutually beneficial relationships allows both the creators and brands to generate value for themselves resulting in this positive growth.

Following this idea of successful creator | brand linking, We found that there was a space in which there was room to set our roots.

About Uplift Digital - Growing creators by the munite About Uplift Digital - Connecting creators to top brands
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Vlogger | Streamer





Mike is ambitious and doesn't approach a job with any less than 110% effort. He is the backbone of any project he's involved with and essential to any team he's on. He's approachable, influential with an abundance of ideas, and possesses a wealth of knowledge in marketing.

David Fraser

Director of Development
Gamers Outreach

Mike is consistently one of the most hardworking and dedicated individuals I have ever worked with. He truly cares about his business connections and never asks for anything in return. His effort played a major contributing factor to Gamers Outreach reaching record level fundraising during our Gamers for Giving 2020 event


Host | Streamer


Youtuber | Streamer

Mike showed me what it's like to be a leader and to make sure his team is taken care of, in every way he can; leading by example.


Youtuber | Streamer


Youtuber | Streamer

Mike gets things done in the best way possible. Working with him has been the best decision in my brand. If there were any questions or concerns, I learned quick from Mike. Always the best.

One Shot Gurl

Youtuber | Streamer

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mike for almost a year now and he is one of the best managers I’ve ever worked with. He is constantly going out of his way to make sure my needs are being met and I’m being taken care of. Any time I need something, he goes above and beyond to help. I couldn’t recommend him enough!


Model | Streamer

The Loyal Patriot

Youtuber | Streamer

Mike is a fantastic rep who goes above and beyond to take care of his clients and make sure they have what they need so all parties benefit. I'd work with him anytime.


Youtuber | Streamer

I've had the pleasure of working with Mike since the beginning of 2019. Since the start of our business relationship, I have nothing but amazing things to say. He has gone above and beyond to make sure I'm taken care of & comfortable from the start. I would highly recommend Mikes services to anyone that is looking for management in this competitive industry!



Derrius Guice

Pro Athlete | Gamer


Youtuber | Streamer

Built a LONG time trust with Mike and the top thing I have learned from him is that we come first. He goes out of his way to make sure people get what they deserve!

FaZe Jasper

Fitness | Model | Gamer


Youtuber | Streamer

Been working with Mike for over a year now and he’s one of my favorite brand managers I’ve ever worked with. Always responsive and transparent, honest and he does his best to workout the best deal possible for you. He gives true effort and that can be hard to find.


Music Artist Group

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